Patient Advocacy

We're proud to offer participants and their families simple, dependable, high-quality healthcare peace of mind.

TEAM Patient Advocacy Services

TEAM is now offering Patient Advocacy services to help Participants with just about any healthcare need. This “medical concierge” service is a spectrum of options to be your guide, primary contact, and do-it-all advocate as you address a medical condition or simply keep yourself healthy. Here’s some examples of the services we’re providing:

  • • Helping you understand your current medical conditions
  • • Advise on getting you the best care for your existing medical conditions
  • • Coordination of care for new medical diagnoses
  • • Coordination of care for orthopedic conditions pre and post-surgical
  • • Nutrition planning and weight management
  • • Assistance in the second opinion process
  • • Help in simplifying the referral process
To meet this need with the quality and trust you have come to expect from TEAM, we have added staff:

Jennifer Stanek, MS, PA-C
Patient Advocacy Clinical Director

Tiffani Flaws, RN, DC
Nurse Case Manager

Elise Verdegan, MS, RDN, LD
Registered Dietitian

Eileen Burchby, MD
Physician Consultant

For questions, to see if your plan includes this service, or to start the process with your health concern or goal, call us today at (651) 642-0182 or (800) 634-7710