About Us

TEAM Corporation brings over 30 years of expertise and experience to helping each and every individual they serve.

Our History

TEAM Corporation was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1987 as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) serving the needs of our union workforce and their families. After 30 years, TEAM Corporation’s master-level counselors continue to honor the skills and dedication of building and construction trades and union members of the hospitality, retail, machinist and automotive industry. Additionally, TEAM Corporation has served manufacturing companies, businesses and municipalities.

TEAM Corporation’s legacy and commitment to getting each unique person the right treatment, at the right time and with the right provider continues to be central to its mission. TEAM Corporation is dedicated to helping people work through difficult, real-life challenges and passionate about ensuring the best possible outcome is realized.

TEAM Corporation’s mission is to personally and confidentially assist employees and family members in their effort to stay healthy and live productively, while leveraging their broad network of quality providers to guarantee each person gets the best care possible.

Meet the TEAM Staff

David Weis
Executive Director

David is the Executive Director of TEAM. He has been involved in the development and delivery of EAP programs for the last 20+ years. In his role as an administrator, David has provided clinical oversight to staff and oversight in sales/new business development, as well as developing innovative ways to blend EAP with employer/fund initiatives to control behavioral health costs.

Mary DesJarlais
Account Manager

Mary is the Account Manager at TEAM. Her role includes providing training, marketing materials, and general support to accounts and their members. Previous to TEAM Mary was a Workforce Development Specialist for the building trades developing programs to attract women, persons of color and youth to apprenticeship training.

Peggy Thao Lao, LCSW
EAP Clinical Supervisor/Consultant

Peggy employs an integration approach of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, and solution focused strategies in helping clients achieve their own personal goals. Clients are the center of her work and it is through the process of learning and discovery that clients are able to achieve a return to wellness. She sees both adolescents and adults.

Nick Pilney, MA
EAP Counselor/Consultant

Nick enjoys working with the many different types of clients that come through the doors of TEAM, including couples and adolescents. Working under the EAP model, Nick likes to employ solution-focused skill building while also encouraging clients to find their own unique strengths, and he loves incorporating humor and authenticity into the counselor-client relationship.

Amber Male, MSW
EAP Counselor/Consultant

Amber is an EAP Counselor in TEAM’s Duluth office. As an EAP counselor, Amber seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals, couples, and families through solution focused, strength based counseling. Through Amber’s personal and professional life, the quote “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” (Plato) rings true. We all have struggles and asking for help is oftentimes the first step to healing and making life better than we imagined or thought we deserved.