Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Patient Advocacy

Enlist T.E.A.M. to advocate on your behalf to receive the highest level of quality care you deserve.

T.E.A.M.’s Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Patient Advocacy group is specifically designed to help you navigate through today’s chaotic behavioral healthcare system. Too often clients receive treatment that doesn’t address the real issues, which create unnecessary costs and are denied care that is needed.

Due to our longstanding relationship with mental health and chemical dependency providers across the nation, T.E.A.M. is able to help you plot a course through uncharted waters to find the solutions you need to resolve your mental health and chemical dependency issues.


Right Care

  • Facilitate communication between your mental health and chemical dependency provider and you
  • Helping you understand your diagnosis and effective treatment options
  • Review of findings and treatment plans

Right Time

  • Working with you and your provider to identify gaps in care
  • Monitoring of your treatment progress throughout the cycle of care
  • Provide education on when you should seek care for mental health and chemical dependency issues

Right Place

  • Guiding you to the best quality resources that meet your unique needs
  • Reducing your healthcare costs by getting you the right level of care from the start